Traditional Spiroglyphics are circles formed out of Two Connecting Spiraling lines that, when fully inked, show a picture! Non-conventional spiroglyphics such as the Continuous Square and Chevron Square follow the same basic principle as their spiral counterpart, but are shaped in a square instead of the regular circle.

But what makes spiroglyphics so great? Good question! Spiroglyphics are an amazing way to relax and allow your brain to switch off for a while. If someone wants to escape the stress of every day life but they still want to keep their hands busy, then inking a spiroglyphic is a great way to do just that! Furthermore, seeing the spiroglyphic’s picture start to appear as you ink is Fun and Exciting!

Many people are jumping at the chance to buy these fun and unique coloring books, but the best part is that despite being very popular among customers, not many people are selling Spiroglyphics! Why, you ask? Because Spiroglyphics can be complicated and time consuming to create from scratch, but this pack has done all the hard work for you! Which just leaves you to jump right into selling and profiting!

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35 Unique Spiral Landscapes

35 Unique Square


The Fully Inked Assets
of all the


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You can Sell as is, but even better:
You can Use a combination of the tight spirals, chevron square, and continuous square Spiroglyphics to create Your Own Unique coloring pages
You can Sell Them On Your Etsy Store, on KDP and Other Platforms & Earn from them year after year!
You can Build A Big Collection of Books & Pages To Sell In THIS Extremely Popular & Profitable Niche Without Any of the Hard Work!


35 Unique Spiral Spiroglyphics which are comprised out of 15 Archemedes Spirals, 15 Tight Spirals, and 5 Hexagon Spirals!
35 Unique Square Spiroglyphics which are comprised out of 15 Chevron Squares, 15 Continuous Squares, and 5 Angled Squares!
70 Spiroglyphics in total!
Fully inked versions of the Spiroglyphics which are great for creating covers, example pages, and so much more!

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Other Questions:

In What Format Will I Receive My Files?

The Spiroglyphics pages are delivered in JPG and PDF formats. 

These files include the correct bleed settings and are ready to be uploaded to KDP.

What If I Need Help or Have A Problem With Downloads?

If you experience any problems with your downloads, you can submit a support ticket and we'll make sure we get it sorted out.

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