We are a mother (Marlene) and daughter (Michelle) team who love working together!

Michelle is the very creative one and Marlene tries to keep up 🙂

Marlene's story:

As an accountant for +-40 years, I spent years in a corporate rat race that went absolutely nowhere. Go to work, stare at numbers all day, go home. Rinse and repeat. Eventually I knew something had to give.

But escaping the corporate life isn’t quick and it isn’t easy. There are bills to pay, after all. So, I started looking around and investigating possible ways to earn some extra income and free up time, so I could spend time doing what I love.

My search led me down many different paths, all of them incapable of giving me the financial freedom that I wanted. About to resign myself to my fate, I stumbled upon book publishing on Amazon in 2016.

At first I dismissed the idea – it isn’t easy to publish books, I thought, and I just didn’t have the time to learn how to do it. But the idea continued to intrigue me and eventually I started doing some more digging into publishing books on Amazon (By then known as Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP for short).

Much to my surprise, I discovered that publishing on KDP isn’t difficult at all and doesn’t require a design degree, English degree, or a lot of time/money to get started. Many ordinary people with limited time and means were doing it and seeing great success, so if them, then why not me?

If not, indeed. I threw myself head first into KDP, learning new skills and having fun while building up passive income.

When the Covid crisis hit and lockdowns happened, I lost most of my income overnight.  I realized that I would have to do something to create a new income stream.

It took a long time, bouncing between multiple sources of information, some of them better than others. Then, the idea hit me: there were millions of people out there like me, desperate for a way to earn more money, but unsure of where to even start, so why not put all the information I wished I'd had when I got started in one handy spot to make it easier for other people?

And that’s how Passive Income Publishing (PIP) got started. It’s a course to show how easy it is to get started and get other people like myself on the road to earning more money so they can be more financially independent. Because if I can, then why can't you?

Michelle's short story:

While doing my degree in languages, I started writing a fantasy novel.  This took the best part of a year and really felt like my baby, so when it was time to get a cover done I decided to do it myself. I started learning to use Photoshop while still at school, so I had the tools and the skills. I took a lot of courses and got to know it very well, so I knew I could do a good job...

Creating that cover made me realize how much I enjoy designing things and being creative.  I started designing brochures, logos, ads and all kinds of things for small businesses.

When mom told me about her new business venture and that it would involve creating book covers, I was all in! I really enjoy it and look forward to creating many awesome ones -- for our own books as well as our members.

Helping to create the course was a new experience I thoroughly enjoyed. I truly believe it will help people to start a successful self-publishing business and build a passive income over time.

We look forward to hearing your success stories.  Remember, if you have questions or need help we are always here for you

Keep in touch!

Marlene & Michelle