Thanks for taking the time and clicking on the link in the email (or FB post).  I just couldn't get everything to fit, and I really need your help and input. Which will help me to help you 🙂

Everything is explained below, but if you have any questions, you can contact me on our support desk, or reply to the email.

I started a YouTube channel last week, called Smart Passive Income Ideas.  The idea is to use it to do short, informative videos to help people find legitimate ways to start an online business.  Not only that, a business they'll be able to earn passive income from.  Not many people realize this, but promoting good affiliate products definitely fall into this category.

This gave me the idea to use this brand-new channel to promote a product. That way, I'll have first-hand experience to show people how to grow their business on YT

Doing this, I'll be able to see how effective it is, how to grow it, and be able to put together a case study for people interested in the channel.  It will also mean people will know how to grow their business before they even start it (without being out of pocket).

So far I've created 5 videos and uploaded them to the channel.

Here's where I need your help...  with 3 things...

Please visit the channel and subscribe to it

Watch the videos, like them and leave a comment.

Then, reply to this email and let me know you did this.

The bribe (in a good way)

Everyone who does everything as describe above, will get access to every course I create this year. I have many planned, but so far  I've started outlining these:

1) Starting a POD business without capital outlay

2) Step-by-step Product Creation

3) Step-by-step Affiliate Marketing

4) Profitable list building

These courses will all be interactive (which makes it a lot of fun and easier to get results) and will include marketing strategies.

That's it!  I'll be so grateful and will return the favor every which way I can 🙂

I have a special PDF you can download and read:

I hope you have a fantastic day!

Talk soon,




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