It’s been two years since PIP launched, and we hope you’re enjoying your KDP journey! While publishing on KDP has remained mostly the same since 2020, there has been Changes on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)  for KDP publishers. We have updated the modules to reflect these changes.

In addition, if Amazon doesn’t make direct EFT payments to your bank, there is a way around that by using Payoneer.

Specific Changes:

Module 4

Anyone who uses Canva will know how annoying it can be to create your cover because you first have to calculate the bleed areas of the cover before you can do anything.

Amazon has changed their template setup and will now provide the exact size you need to use on Canva! No more math! Module 4 will explain exactly how this works now. You can learn more under the Your Cover section of Module 4.

Module 5

The way you add extra categories after publishing your book has changed. You will now be able to do it via the Help – Contact Us feature in your KDP account and not your Author Central account. You can learn more about how to do this under the Browse Categories section in Module 5.

Module 6

Not on Amazon’s list of approved bank countries? Tired of waiting for checks to be mailed to you because Amazon won’t pay directly to your bank account? You can now use your Payoneer account to receive EFT payments from Amazon! You can learn how to do this under the Getting Paid and … Use Payoneer Instead section of Module 6. Since we changed over to get paid via Payoneer, our payments arrive like clockwork. Super quick and easy!

One more thing! When you upload your low-content book (planners & journals), you have to specify that it is a low-content book. Learn more about this under the Uploading Your Book section in Module 6.

Two bonus modules have been included:

Author Central and A+ Content. In the Author Central module, we go over what you can do with Author Central and why it’s important to use that feature.

Amazon has now made A+ Content available to all publishers. It used to be a feature only available to big publishers, but now  you can make your product page stand out! It’s definitely worth checking out and mastering because it shows customers that you’re a serious publisher. Click here to have a look at a page with A+ content

And that’s it! These changes range from big to small, but are very important to be aware of.

As always, we hope you have fun creating and publishing!

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